Autumn has been a wild one for trends; we’ve seen teddy bear coats, pastel corduroy, check tailored suits. One trend that stands out (literally) is the mustard yellow trend. Yellow has been my favourite colour since I was a kid, yet I never seem to wear it! Despite this, I love that it’s become a statement Autumn colour and I hope it sticks around to brighten up our winter months.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 21.36.08
Image Credits: Pinterest


I recently came across this cute, independent jewellery brand, Cotton Crowd, on Instagram and soon became obsessed with their bold tassel earrings. I’ve been looking for a bright pair of tassel earrings, so the stars aligned when I found these.

Cotton Crowd’s founder, Anjalee Peiris (above left,) is certainly onto something with these handmade, affordable statement earrings. After fluttering between colours, (like the indecisive millennial I am) I went for these dainty, mustard yellow minis.  It seems condiment colours are in right now – go check out my blog post on how to wear red this AW17! No matter what colour you chose, these earrings are sure to make your outfit pop in any season.Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 15.13.06

Check out my Mustard Pinterest board!

Stay colourful,

E.B. x

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