The Silver Eyelight – At the end of February at Milan Fashion Week we saw Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 18 collection take to the runaway and it had all the grid girl racer feels. The Tomboy primary colours were popping out a huge contrast to the subtle girl next door makeup. One thing that did strike us was that bold silver blotch in the corner of the eye shining like an alloy rim. I just love it and I’ll be trying this look out myself with the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint in Big Blue.

The Smudged Cat Eye – Now I’m one for spending hours on drawing a fleeky eyeliner flick, but the effort it takes to get just the right amount of thickness, the perfect angle and then to do it all again on the other eye, well that takes whole new level of concentration I didn’t know existed. I use Soap&Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner, which you can also get in super skinny for extra precision! Although I love this accuracy I’ve been warming up to the idea of a more rougher smudged affect eyeliner look; mainly because it would just be so much quicker in everyday mode. Camila Cabello is definitley one to rock this eye.

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don’t make me say it

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The Dewy Glow – I’m absolutely loving the dewy glowing skin look. Light-medium foundation is how to achieve this look with a bit of popping highlighter here and there. I’m now starting to appreciate a bit of dull shine on my forehead rather than dosing it in translucent matte powder. However as my skin often get’s red blemishes I think I may stick to medium-heavy coverage until the sun does me some goodness with a natural glow I can work on. The absolute goddess of Insta Naomi Genes slays this look everyday! Check out her YouTube, she has done an everyday makeup video with her fave products for this glow look – I definitely have a long beauty wish list now!

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E.B. x

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